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Updated 05/16/2021
At this time we are allowing home visits as long as you have been practicing social distancing.
Home visits please bring a face mask.
Please review our wait list page, pricing page and contact me with any questions.

Thunder X Romeo Female Red Girl $3,800
DOB 3/16/21 Ready to Go Home 5/28/21

Thunder X Romeo Female Dark Brown $3,800
DOB 3/16/21   SOLD

1 year old Kailua $1,000 + Spay

Luna x Diablo, 6 males under evaluation until 4 weeks. 2 silver and 4 mink, possibly sepia. Waitlist first opportunity.

Rey x Diablo
Silver and Brown kittens
DOB 4/6/2021

Blue Collar - Silver Male $3800       Green Collar - Brown Spotted Female $3600 
Purple Collar - Brown Spotted Female $3400    Pink Collar Female $3700

Pregnancies -

Confirmed Pregnancies:

Gamora x Romeo (Silver Spotted & Brown Spotted)

Aurora x Eli ( Lynx and Brown Spotted)

Cleo x Eli (Lynx and Brown Spotted)

In for breeding:

Leia x Diablo (Brown Spotted & Silver Spotted)

Pending Confirmation:


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