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Updated 12/04/2019

If you would like schedule a visit and get on the wait list:

Please text or call contact us at

Melissa at 503-875-9430 or

Adam at 503-880-0423


No kittens available at this time

Upcoming Litters -

Leia x Romeo - breeder x show quality

Snows - more than likely for the Winter/Spring litters -

Joker is taking his sweet time coming into season

We also have a new male Eli that is added to our studs that will be producing soon.

Joker x Thunder - brown spotted

Joker x Harley Quinn -  lynx & mink spotted

Joker x Bashful - lynx, mink and brown spotted

Wait List

1. Rebecca W. - Snow Lynx

2. Sarai O. - lynx

3. Amanda M. - lynx

4.  Kathryn T. - brown spotted



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