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Updated 06/09/2023
Camera link now setup for viewing of the kittens.


Peaches X Smokey Born 3/2/3023
Ready to go home 5/3/23

Red Boy - Silver Snow


Yellow Girl- Silver Snow

Luna X Eli Born 3/12/2023
Ready to go home 5/13/2023

Blue Boy- Lynx Snow

Purple Girl- Lynx Snow

Sasha X Smokey Born 3/16/2023
Ready to go home 5/17/2023

Pink Male - Charcoal Snow

Teal Girl - Charcoal Snow

Gamora X Smokey Born 3/21/2023
Ready to go home - 5/21/2023

Green Boy - Charcoal Snow
(single charcoal carrier)
Blue Boy - Silver Charcoal
Sold going to Boston

Love x Smokey - 3/27/2023
Ready to go home - 5/27/2023

Green Boy - Charcoal Snow
(double charcoal carrier) -
Under Evaluation

Red Female -
Smoke Snow (Lynx)

Beth x Smokey - 3/23/2023
Ready to go home - 5/23/2023

Blue Boy - Charcoal Snow
(double charcoal carrier)

Yellow Girl - Silver

Purple Girl - Mentalistic

Retired Adults Looking for their Furr Ever Homes

Luna Retired - Spayed
Female Spotted Mink "Snow"
Will get along with a male cat, no other females. Super affectionate!
4 years old

Peaches Retired - Spayed
Female - Lynx "Snow"
Super loving, will get along with a male cat. Super affectionate!
2 years old

Jinx - Retired
Female - Silver Charcoal
Sweet and loves to cuddle
3 Years Old

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