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For updated photos/videos
Updated 1/31/2023
Camera link now setup for viewing of the kittens.

Pregnancies -
We typically will not have kittens during the summer
Our pairings will produce: Brown spotted, Silver, Silver Charcoal, Silver Melanistic, Charcoal Snows. 

Our kittens go home at 10 weeks of age

Confirmed Pregnancies: 
Rey x Smokey - 1st pregnancy with this pairing.
(possible brown or silver spotted)
Due Date: waiting on confirmation of dates

Smokey x Sasha (silver, charcoal brown, charcoal lynx)
Due Date: Middle of February

Smokey x Jink (Silver) - Confirmed
Due Date: End of February/ Early March

In for breeding:
Eli x Luna - Snows and Minks

Planned Breedings:

Fall Breedings
Gamora x Smokey
Juliet x Smokey 

Pending Confirmation:

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