Zip Lock bags
Pumpkin Pure
Chicken Livers
Kitty Bloom
Split Breast
Chicken Breast

Recipe for Raw

I make my mix in a 5 Gallon bucket which will equal about 25 lbs. of RAW

*** Cut the recipe in half for smaller batches ***

2 packages breast

2 packages thighs

2 packages split breast

1 tub livers

1 15 oz can of pumpkin

Run a package of each thought the grinder and mix in a large bucket or bowl, add 1/2 the ground livers, half the  pumpkin

- Add in vitamins

- Mix together - if its hard to mix add water unit it becomes easier to stir.

** REPEAT **

Once it is all mixed together

Place freezer bag on the end of the grinder.  

Run the mixture through again

Freeze for 72 hours.