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Chicken Breast

Recipe for Raw

I make my mix in a 5 Gallon bucket which will equal about 25 lbs. of RAW

*** Cut the recipe in half for smaller batches ***

2 packages breast

2 packages thighs

2 packages split breast

1 tub livers

1 15 oz can of pumpkin

Run a package of each thought the grinder and mix in a large bucket or bowl, add 1/2 the ground livers, half the  pumpkin

- Add in vitamins

- Mix together - if its hard to mix add water unit it becomes easier to stir.

** REPEAT **

Once it is all mixed together

Place freezer bag on the end of the grinder.  

Run the mixture through again

Freeze for 72 hours.

Bengal Raw Home Made Food

Don't want to make your own raw, use high quality meat from Blue Ridge RAW.

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